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Lived Experience Representative

Working with

Peoples Voice, Mental Health Voice and Healthwatch Kent

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What you will be doing

  • To build and maintain relationships with residents and groups who promote mental health in the community, and to collaborate with them on various initiatives and projects.

  • To ensure that Lived Experience is valued and integrated into local implementation groups, and to contribute to the co-production of ongoing developments based on local insights and expertise.

  • Contribute insights based on their personal experiences and unique perspectives, ensuring that the lived realities of individuals facing mental health challenges are considered in the decision-making process on a local level.


Networking, Community Engagement, Attend Community Events

Skills & Attributes

Networking, Listening, Talking To Others, Organising & Planning, Admin

Role Objectives:

1) Building and Maintaining Relationships with Local Residents and Groups:

  • Foster relationships with individuals and community organisations dedicated to mental health promotion.

  • Engage in open and empathetic conversations to reduce stigma and encourage dialogue around mental health.

  • Actively participate in community events, workshops, and support groups to establish supportive local networks.


2) Collaboration on Various Initiatives and Projects:

  • Work closely with local mental health organizations to identify community needs and gaps.

  • Facilitate workshops, organise events, and lead discussions to address mental health challenges.

  • Contribute to the planning and execution of initiatives that promote mental health awareness and well-being.

  • Work with EK360 Commercial team on special projects relating to support and services relating to mental health when they arise.

3) Participation in Co-production Workshops:

  • Actively participate in co-production workshops organised by local authorities and mental health agencies.

  • Provide insights based on personal experiences to ensure the integration of Lived Experience in decision-making.

  • Collaborate with community members, professionals, and decision-makers to design and implement evidence-based mental health programs and services.

4) Advocacy for Lived Experience Integration:

  • Advocate for the inclusion of Lived Experience in local implementation groups and decision-making processes.

  • Act as a bridge between the community and decision-makers to ensure diverse perspectives are considered.

  • Promote the value of Lived Experience in shaping policies and services for a more inclusive and responsive mental health system at the local level.

Personal Development Opportunities

1) Skill Development:

Engaging with diverse community members and collaborating on initiatives enhances volunteers' interpersonal and communication skills. They may develop leadership, advocacy, and facilitation skills, contributing to personal and professional growth.


2) Learning and Networking Opportunities:

Involvement in co-production workshops exposes volunteers to new ideas, diverse perspectives, and the inner workings of community mental health systems. This experience can broaden their knowledge and provide networking opportunities with professionals and organizations in the mental health sector.


3) Advocacy and Leadership Development:

By actively participating in initiatives that involve advocating for the integration of Lived Experience, volunteers develop skills in advocacy and leadership. This experience equips volunteers to become effective voices for change within the mental health landscape.

Time Commitment

A minimum commitment of 2 to 4 hours per week is required, with the maximum time to be determined through negotiation with the volunteer based on their availability.

Role Address

Utilising a blended approach that incorporates both online and in-person engagement as deemed appropriate.


TN23 1QN

How to find out more

Contact Martyn on

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