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Healthwatch Kent and Mental Health Voice

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What you will be doing

Join us as a volunteer and become an integral part of our mission at Mental Health Voice! Your role will involve actively supporting patient feedback and representing the Local Mental Health Networks at local NHS and ICB board levels. By fostering accountability within the system, you'll address and respond to patient feedback effectively.

Your primary objective will be to provide independent oversight of patient data, ensuring that the system remains accountable to actions agreed upon by the Local Mental Health Networks. What will you be doing? Making a real difference in the lives of those navigating the mental health system.


Administration, Trusteeships & Committees

Skills & Attributes

Listening, Talking To Others, Organising & Planning, Admin

Skills Description

Discover the benefits of volunteering with Mental Health Voice! Gain valuable experience in leadership, communication, and advocacy skills by chairing meetings and representing us on strategic boards. Expand your professional network within the mental health sector through engagement with stakeholders at local NHS and ICB board levels. Experience personal fulfilment by contributing to the improvement of mental health services and ensuring accountability in the system, providing a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Additionally, dive into learning opportunities about mental health policies, procedures, and decision-making processes, enriching your understanding of the broader mental health landscape. Join us and unlock a world of professional and personal growth!

Time Commitment

Minimum 8 hours per quarter (for chairing 4 local meetings) with additional hours as needed for attendance at various board meetings. Maximum hours will vary depending on the frequency and duration of additional board meetings attended.

Role Address

Primarily Online with Occasional Attendance at EK360 Head Office in Ashford


TN23 1QN

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